On the scenic Oregon Coast, at Waldport which in German means where the forest at the sea connet, is a good example of where a  Global Warming event will happen. We need to be prepared.

A Global Warming Climate Change Answer ... of naturally selected keyword phrases as, tsunami survival, class one forest fire protection, zero carbon based living, super R values, off infrastructure grids, open balanced CO-OP self social security, Oregon tree huggers , middle of road politics ...
A Last Chance of being a Part of the Affordable American Dream by Renting to Own a Home.

Sponsored, hopefully by someone on the safe and sane side of conservation of natural resources as ...

...a networking solar energy corporation that also understands the consequences of ignoring global warming?

>>I confess to being an Oregon Coastal Range self employed old Table Mountain man. A minor miner, of a very green mineral, who is currently living in a self-sufficient, solar powered, 327 square feet class A home office of www.MotorhomeTraveler.com fame, in a historic fish camp with a view across the very respected clean running and robust Alsea River, of a herd of Roosevelt Elk safely grazing a unbuildable wetland wilderness.

They appear out of the morning mist of a healthy second (or third... fourth?) growth Douglas Fir forest, testing to see if the famous salmon, and winter steel-head river, five river miles upstream from crossing the bar from an ocean that is anything but Pacific, is experiencing a not so perfect storm event of a down-the-river flood meeting an upstream-tidal-surge.

Bad news from both directions that leaves little time in warning to escape the double barrel shotgun 10x vortex of the 50 mile offshore plate tectonics deep Cascadia sub conduction fault that parallels the western slope high raising cordillera. we know as the mountains of California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and others, as Japan's Mt. Fuji, twin sister Mt. Saint Helens before lovely Loowit blew her top for being named to honor a minor English diplomat. The big picture looking down from space is geologic zone "Ring of Fire" totally surrounding the Pacific Ocean. A proven Global Warming threat which surrounds the Pacific with volcanic activity, almost as but deadly as the the long drawn out fart zone of Congress. OMG.

As I have often mentioned in my www.USAtravelMagazines.com publishing 'empire', that includes an www.OregonTravelMagazine.com, which really needs some software updating attention I am hoping to find time (and help) for, once I the get ECO Housing project up and running.

I have known about Table Mountain since being a precocious "office boy with short pants and bow tie" for the West's leading Mining Attorney / Frugal Father where I earned my 25¢ per hour Entrainment Fee / Allowance to work my way through Portland's Ainsworth grade school, accidentally led to a waiting room pre-screening of the Mayor of Newport, a Mr. Gilkey, who had an amazing tale to tell about nepheline syenite.

Something I am an still learning about at 77-years to qualify my reporting in my www.MiningMagazines.com empire, now in recovery from my personal www.TheProspector.com being a viable advertising advertising platform through a competitive "denial of service" attacked by offshore multinational banking interests that has squashed free trade from the LIBOR British isles, and Sanctuary Hong Kong, and including the HSBC, the LIBOR London Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, the that occupies the Isle of Manhattan to peddle "American" retirement plans.

Our Pacific Coast "Blue Wall" climate change defense system is unfortunately on the geophysical carbon and nuclear fallout side of the prevailing winds of a world that turns. Which lately those have been bringing us cyclones, that upgrade to a typhoon, that are now being called hurricanes, that contain tornadoes. Those Congressmen who think Global Warming needs further study by junket are absolutely invited to bring government tourist dollars to Oregon.

So, since I enjoy my sustainable life cycle returnable river where salmon swim by, to naturally end up dying in what has to be the worlds most spectacular one time only organism, this 77-year old nomadic "Grandpaw Bear" motor home wanderer over mountains to see what he could photograph would really like to come ashore to den up in a "fortress" retirement home.

I know from learning to read from picture books about the fairy tale predicted balance between the wolves of Wall Street run bull market, and the little piggy's who build their small cottages of straw, and sticks, will be of repositioned and a newly re-purposed solid rock that also is an answer to out-of-balance affordable shelter, that could have a net zero energy cost rooftop, rainwater harvesting with a storage system that also could feed a hydroponic garden.

Sorry, for having an old-fashioned Mark Twain Asperger's wordy mining camp storyteller / print magazine style that has trouble with the a 140 character tweeted "elevator pitch" or the sound bite with the dishonesty of skipping right past a transparent full disclosure explaining the paper value of the moment, of stocks. which are supposed to represent the unchanging worth of a rock solid asset as measured in a steady ROI in profit and loss statement where it is possible to calculate a true value out of down the "market basket of currencies" used, as the Euro, Yuan, Ruble, and the English Pound, that once actually was measured in ounces of physical silver used in coins.

I guess I could try one liner fortune cookie simple, Chinese philosopher Confucius Says: "Invest in a needed physical product you somewhat understand by following a trailblazer, instead of paper confetti ticker tape parade promises floating down Wall Street."

"Make it look simple" Barry Murray has pionerred more than the Pacific Crest Trail

>> It has been written elsewhere many times
that mankind needs to preserve the Amazon rain forest so that a big pharmaceutical company’s can "discover" a source in a tree to synthesize a cure for cancer. For a patented blackmail price, that few can afford. As shown when Oregon’s Pacific Yew “gold rush poaching” disappeared into a even darker greed side of Wall Street synthesized derivative speculative trading by O'Congress Care legalized drug dealers.

Attention happy securities shoppers, stock-ing up on blue light specials to survive a financially frigid winter. Do not forget your grandfathers great depression threadbare coat walking to school tales concerning the cause and effect of a real estate market chaos. It's called the DUH theory on account of those who "Don't Understand History" as a 1930's no-no of "buying on the margin" will pay the price for the 1990s compounding leveraged derivatives credit default swap platform traded failure suckering in young family's with an ignorant Ponzi ploy of, "You too can become a millionaire slumlord, for no-money down".

It is also well known that the higher power of Creator … or call her Mother Nature… depends upon a natural balance. A proven Yin and Yang where in our ecosystem there is an answer to every problem that comes along the road politicians kick the foreign made steel “tin can”, down, and down, and down, into an insanity of yet another financial bubble bursting.

Just as silly a big picture squabble where those sophisticated Back East mega-tropolists who laughed at Al Gores Global Warming warning, and us quaint Far West frontier folk dealing with Climate Change conditions of almost out of control forest, brush, and ranges fires, that in turn destroy the natural defense against catastrophic flash and over 100-year level flooding, which in turn is leading toward a big corporate GMO engineered situation in Oregon wheat, similar to what the pharmaceutical industry is doing right now, leading to a famine equaling the 1931 Yellow River deforestation caused flood disaster which could be thought of as an overpopulation control of 4,000,000 too many souls.

As Portland, Oregon’s affordable housing for homeless crisis is a dead canary in a coal mine early earthquake / tsunami flood warning, know that there will be another 2% caused housing bubble crash that truly will be the end of laissez-fair no matter what ineffective political party is playing with the destiny of ordinary people in a HFT flash traded moment. I remember that the "Great Depression" was really two long drawn out "Great Recessions". Nothing is "great" about living through that, and the resulting instability of WW2!

Where the greedy out of balance “I am so smart” politicians really clash, unfortunately, is with the silient majority of“families in need of affordable housing” who by the shear numbers alone will somehow survive fashionable “tinkle down” from a confused economics Kings Heights society which really likes to hide the embarrassment that a Portland socialist writer named Jack Reed grew up hugging his sea captain grandfather’s trees. If the name is not familiar, check, out the DVD where he was portrayed by Warren Beatty in the confusing colored movie, Red’s.

I too grew up privileged, for a short while, hugging one of Captain Green’s Portland’s transplanted Sequoia trees , and Spanish cork, a Chinese weeping willow, Japanese cherry tree, which brings me to the happy-stance of having a family tree dating back to the first Wagon master on the Oregon Trail, fired for respecting the land use rights of native American-Cheyenne, Nes Perce, and Cayuse, because we also had a not often revealed "red" connection back to the Princess of America. King Jame's version was to proclaim “Pocahontas” as the " American Emperor Powhatan" regal daughter was to be seated, at a banquet in her honor at Whitehall, “above the salt”. Does that somehow qualify me as an aristocratic SNOB, or Society Native Oregon Born?

Nope. My father purchased the three story colonial style mansion I grew up in for $6,000 at the end of WW2. Which my then empty nest single mother was forced to sell in the 1970s to retire on $25,000. Not long ago I too thought this would be a good place to return home to retire, until I learned my childhood home was now on a historical house registry, where offers under a $1,000,000 were being rejected. As I have been for economically living as "itinerant trailer trash" with no real address other than long established URLs, being spoofed and pished attacked an different way every other week, add to the confusion of who this Portland weird BarryMurray.com, a successfull Oregon Freelance Photographer / Writer really is.

I returned to Oregon after a wonderfully exciting life, being noted once in a White Stag catalog as a "family having lived a cumulative three years under canvas" (homeless?) in the wilderness West, including fly-in bush Alaska. What my children learned was the lesson of surviveal was ultimately being responsible, even in a collective larger association, was the value of doing it themselves.

Because of this defense mechanism from big city white collar and tie racial slurs of Celtics being "hillbillies" I really would really like to stick it to a proper International "free trade" monopoly from the kingdom of Neanderthal, that once threatened me during a conference call with a room full of lawyers on speaker phone for a mere fair use quotation from a 1955 Canadian Mining Magazine concerning the Blue Mountain, Ontario, nepheline syenite deposit.

How? By defending Oregon through competing with my own dedicated affordable housing set aside start-up CO-OP. Sort of a Pacific Northwest's REI, or Tillamook Cheese factory, or the Columbia River plywood mills have been replaced by foreign competition, just as the employee buyouts of Columbia River aluminum disappeared.

Why? Because in the truest sense of conservation of the wealth of the Earth providing food and water, and shelter, letting million dollar golden parachute COO-coos using bankruptcy to wasting away the wealth of a valuable, trained, work force is national industrial stupidcide. The cause of all the rioting today is really based upon the catastrophic bursting of the sub-prime housing bubble of 2008 where a very few millionaires became billionaires overnight.

Since we have been promised a chance to be great again, after wasting $6 Trillion in a so called weapons of mass destruction war, perhaps Senators Sanders, Warren, Merkley, and Wyden who somehow found extra funding for the US Forest Service to create jobs for expanding "hot shot fire crews" in preparation for next summer, right now saving the Appalachian Scenic Trail, should have a special Committee Investigation Power to look into of the E-mails of the SEC / FBI classified documents concerning criminal banksters and the financial terrorists who "occupied" Oregon to protect their God given, constitutional patriotic right to set range fires on our well managed state's BLM homestead lands, and Forest Service protected existing mining claim lands.

Contrast that uncivil protest closing down schools, that only punished the theft of $millions held in fire fighting funds reserves, with a equally wimpy JP Morgan felony style slap on the wrist for short selling public approved securities from one side of a turnip truck, and setting the "yo-yo" price for long buying them them back, which totally make a mockery of the farmers futures market insurance over crop failure, or molding pork bellies.

Compare the totally flip-flop news of American's trying to protect the mainstream rivers of the mid-west from a Canadian pipeline. This really is a" what side are you on" story that needs a hardbound book to explain.

>> So, Back to Location, Location, Location….

Crossing the Waldport, Oregon bridge replacing the Conde Mucullock concrete work of art that had deteriorated, thanks to the highway departments cost saving use of an ordinary Si beach sand chemistry instead of a very superior $600-800 per ton SI02, locally available from a very affordable deposit.

The irony is looking inland to the crest of the Coast Range there is a flat Nepheline Syenite sill ( a rare molten crater lake plug in an ancient volcano) that contains a naturally soluble SiliconDioxide SI02, and better yet, an also non toxic alumina Al203 Alumna Oxide, $322 per ton out of Australia. The Russians use their world’s largest nepheline deposits to build a catalytic converter reported to be superior than the US mandated platinum design.

China also has a smaller nepheline syenite deposit with a similar chemistry, that is selling for $250 per ton, in a face powder fineness, FOB China. The only other US deposit, also much smaller, with a similar chemistry was recently put into production in New Mexico, by very respected Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, better known as 3M. They are selling AAC formed R25 wall components , following the technology used in Denmark from an also very large deposit mined underground.

Iran, Pakistan, India have nepheline syenite that works well in the low cost manufacturing of AAC, and even better CLC concrete that almost puts simplified do-it-yourself construction into a tightly budgeted all American Dream Home that could be built CO-OP style, with Nepheline Syenite, using off-grid conservation infrastructure techniques, and updating antiquated local land use regulations to accommodate today’s needs.

An out date virtual tour on a website that might be of marketing use for an ECO village.
The Alaskan mountain shown was part of a search for galena ore to produce thin film solar. Also, the possibility of buying BLM mining claims no longer exists.

So what is stopping the development of a whole CO-OP community that has a “wireless” net zero cost solar rooftop grid, where Albert Einstein’s embedded third generation photovoltics will also act a clean rainwater harvesting / storage system to lessen the deluge impact on storm water systems.

Take that idea further through a neighborhood protected community hydroponics system (where nepheline syenite mats are already at work), and develop a fish farm that also recycles biodegradable kitchen and shower gray water before keeping a common green oxygen producing, green.

For an answer ask home buyers in Arizona how it happened that when they needed to sell a house with a grid linked solar roof, they ended up in court.

Yes, I know I am a Dr. Sheldon Cooper Asperger’s Syndrome style control freak, but as a 77-year old earth person tree hugger (especially those I planted as a teenage volunteer to recover the Tillimook Burn that spewed ash fallout on the streets of Portland) who has not yet retired.

I have had some proposals to buy me out, claim by claim, for platform hedge fund trading, but think the practice of big multinational corporations selling EB-5 green cards, should not be a path to citizenship. Besides at my age what could I possibly do with a lottery win chunk of change but travel, which in many ways was already my day job. By making a few phone calls I easily could get booked as a presenter again on a luxury cruise ship from New York transiting the Panama Canal to Alaska.

All I really ask for an in-place millions of tons that in Europe seems to be going for $300 per ton, and China for $250... is a token $ 25 per ton, per person as a CO-OP membership fee. Where $10 plus continuing royalty goes into my retirement protected bucket list publishing projects; the other $10 is used to make a down payment contract with FoamKrete being the Plan of Action prime contractor (perhaps with a number of sub-contractors) who will working on a fair "costs plus 10%" in a Edward Deming Total Quality Movement flow through management that has nothing to do with casino hedge fund betting.

The $5 goes to the help pay it forward to sell more nepheline at affordable prices to reward new age CO-OP "market managers" explaining to others in a Mary Kay Cosmetic multilevel party way that investing in yourself can be so, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" rewarding.

>>> The Reasoning Behind The "Blue State" Resource Certificate Holders

Once a certificate ton, identified by receipt number, is mined, milled, and delivered by FoamKrete, or acceptable other contractors, on a costs plus10% to a local highway trucking - barge - railhead, the owner, having paid a contracted cost plus10% fee, and 3% royalty, is free to pick-up their generic product to use for themselves, or sell for whatever price they can. At this point I am totally out of the picture, unless needed as an advisor.

Or, by having paid their share of processing , the ton certificate may be allowed to flow through to a localized retail dealer/ distributor facility (approved by collective ore certificates) that also may be a specialized rental equipment outlet that is by an ability to supply an otherwise had to find source of supply, almost a franchise, to sell a large amount of FoamKrete, where a prorated ore certificate out of a increased value sales.

This is the final point to individuals to drop out of the market delivery system by paying their independent share of trucking, warehousing, delivery costs plus10% on their adjusted share of a flow through stockpile calculated on what may be an increase in the start-up $10 per ton price of founders stock that doesn't stop the flow through need for affordable from making more scarcity dollars for speculators obsanely rich off of peoples suffering. Call it socialization if you want; I think it is just being neighborly. The early certificate holders will benefit by inflation protection.

Obviously once the marketing system is proven to work, especially when zero interest credit cards runaway inflate back to the compounded 20% suggested to be safe to use a mortgaged home as a personal ATM, the base price of a nepheline syenite will reflect a fair indexed adjustment for those who follow after the start-up into an inflationary spiral.

Translation. If you opt to take a short time ROI taxable return on what really should be a long term basic investment into a housing project, you may end up throwing away long term benefits.

Especially when a group of a "community" minded individuals can come together in a legal association to build their own ECO Village, outside of the bankster's mandated I win, you loose, very flawed land lord mortgage system... literally by bootstrapping from the ground up with a "401- L ?" protected building site where the "holder of due recourse" banksters benefactors of personal bankruptcies, could get a long term rental fee from the homeless currently squatting in moldy underwater homes really in need of beneficial recycling salvaged wood by labor intensive work, instead of bulldozing and burning.

This out of the bubble in a box Portland weird response protest to securities laws excluding "Blue Sky" vulnerable "widow[er]s and orphans" (I am both) where in California you have to have a provable worth of at least $1,000,000 to be a "qualified insider investor" in say a Real Estate Investment Trust that has no plans to launch a "Hot Air Balloon" IPO for something that actually has physical assets as raw land, and building materials needed to survive yet-another-depression.

Especially, In a time when U.S. Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were challenging the 2%, on what their percentage of the housing double-bubble fiasco, really only benefiting the estimated secret four or five sources of the mortgage money monopoly chairman of the board game that wins by having whole floors of lawyers, and their get out of jail free cards, supported by their own basement boiler room phone salesmen calling from anywhere but the West Coast.


This is not a Tweet, as 34 pages of download, savable, PDF information is perhaps best read without bandwidth charges.
This document is part of the required homework understanding for applying for CO-OP membership.

Understand that this is not another "pump and dump" stock offering. An individual's PayPal check for $25, made out to "Barry Murray of Mac&Murray" (or Bernadette Murray, my heir apparent daughter as an individual), with an established business reputation since 1986, or the soon to be Eco-Minerals-Stockpile.net Land and Mineral ClaimsTrust, where a 3% royalty locks in your "personal mineral rights by the ton ownership" protecting underlaying claims from you asset from being lost through invented credit default swaps, high frequency platform traded ventures leading to a bankruptcy, where only the insiders make money on what is supposed to be a secure long term investment.

This $25 paying $10 for in-place nepheline syenite will be divided further with $10 going to fund your interest in a FoamKrete owner managd LLC headed for CO-OP status as more tonnage certificates are accepted as a contract to mine, mill, and market your dedicated nepheline syenite minerals rights, on a costs plus 10% basis.

Recognize that owning in-place mineral rights in a undivided uniform deposit doesn't allow a certificate holder to head for the hills with a rifle, ax, pick, and shovel to build an unauthorized cabin. Nor can the certificates be bundled into any sort of securities swap. The path to a sucessful monitory return is to sell product, instead of paper.

This is the reason why the remaining $5 is to be used to pay a "finder's" fee to the insider individual talking to a friend, or a group of friends wanting to establish a local distributorship, to make things happen, faster. Hurry up, my asthma inhaler is almost empty.

My "sit down job" role will be to keep the politically middle of the road claims safe from unfair out of touch with reality Back East high speed asset trading, and fascists flag waver open range red terrorists, or blue city anarchist flag burning rioters. Pimple faced brats, all of them.

By maintaining the underground claims conforming to the "prudent man" Mining Law of 1872, and later CFR regulations that really make sense defending the environment of our backyard. Or, whole ECO aware villages.

My best management interests through a vested checks and balances 3% royalty lien protecting the claims continuing supply of nepheline syenite is to insure the voting rights of a CO-OP individual members through a trust.

And to suggest simple management things, as following the popular trend of naming the development after a tree, my free consultant emeritus input would be to please actually plant a few of said oxygen producing trees, shrubs, flowers … at the gate of a secure village named for a tree, could be an income producing "affinity business" marketed through a self protected high speed Internet server.

A unique material that solves so many climate change problems,

>> And the Material, Material, Material

So since everyone on the financial side of securities law vs: mining law seems to be pushing the rules, as I have detailed with a down loadable white paper trail "Gray Gold" PDF, basing "share values" on proven ore in place, let me, at 77 years with asthma, take a deep breath to do an apparently acceptable financial advice tap dance:

The Insider's Information on secret Oregon Nepheline Syenite Quarry/Mine Being:

* The only other readily soluble natural raw material source of AL203 Alumina, and Si02 Silica aggregate suitable for an affordable suitable thermal mineral in the US other than 3M out of their New Mexico quarry, also in competition with a world wide “free trade” supplier disadvantaged by location, location, shippable location.

* When used in an additive to cement as an after mixture, which may be pumped into reusable forms for tilt-up wall construction, the natural non-toxic mineral, that cannot be patented, when activated expands a cement truck delivery four to five times. Which makes the idea of five bags of cement, being cut down to only buying one bag of cement, along with a similar market priced pre-measured bag of FoamKrete, saving 60%, not very popular with established concrete suppliers.

* Fortunately, as explained as Oregon’s “FoamKrete™ [dot com]” the almost do-it-yourself material, and rental mixers and pump has allowed homes built by CLC concrete pump-able spray to survive climate change forest and brush fires, resulting flash floods or mud slides, and thanks to the hydrogen bubbles with an extreme R-value also is considered a very green, very clean air mined product by environmentalists.

* Oregon’s Table Mountain nepheline syenite uniform sill, as documented by published US Geological Survey, and Oregon Department of Mineral Industries reports, contains a mappable 750—800 Million tons of the same “rare earths rocks” chemistry that is selling in a “face powder” -325 fine form in China for $250 per ton, FOB.

* The majority of the mountain is held by 32 twenty acre (a square mile) un-patented Mining Law of 1872 claims. These are subject to US Forest Service CFR regulations concerning an added value over a common variety use for gravel, as they use to maintain the FS Tidewater to Toledo road leading to a microwave tower on the mountain. Historically the three jetty rock quarries have already been permitted, but are not a value added use today.

* As this is Oregon Territory, attention must also be paid to the surface management of USFS conservationist multiple uses, as watershed, recreational, and sensible sustainable timber management for scenic values. This is why the required plan of action for FoamKrete will contain mining engineering proposals, as followed a very competitive nepheline syenite in Norway, of hand driving a safe adit into a solid MOH 6 hardness rock, where the traditional underground tailing dump waste becomes the product. This way Newport's iconic timbered view is saved by drifting and shrink stopeing perhaps only 400,000,000 tons of the 800 million visible reserves that really have not been drilled to depth.

* The tourist attraction of a ghost town Virginia City, Nevada sets on top such a honeycomb, as Butte Montana used to have. Before a major player Anaconda blasted it into the world's ugliest gold mining open pit with labor saving massive machines that also ruined the regions economy. My thought is to once production is producing funds for other unconventional methods of hauling a lot of rock downhill by trucks wasting energy through down shifting is to establish the location of 5 acre mills sites to support a tram line where the weight of ore descending would power up gondolas for mountain bikers to be able to ride a absolutely scenic and exciting trail back down to the sea.

* Of course all of this is becoming much to much for a 77-year old single signature claim holder, who knows from previous leveraged joint financial venture stock market losses, that the Brexit London Metals Market manipulated failures suggests his property is almost too big for even one company, or just one CFR clear listed use, to simply delivered to a needed marketplace.

* This is why the outright price tag for 16 claims covering half of the uniform mountain sill (north or south) had previously been set at $12.5 Million, plus a continuing 3% royalty . Where one gravel mining contractor, plus crushing and grinding, could cover both for end-use marketings as FoamKrete.com (almost a franchise), or perhaps an already clear listed, but expensive to manufacturer rock wool insulation that is twice as effective as the familiar "pink stuff".

*Another thing finally understood about doing it yourself, is that mining is one thing, selling a mine is another. This is the transparent truth for this listing, doing a broad e-mail sweep, is that I am suggesting, without a non-circ that never works anyhow for anyone but lawyers, that if interested you connect directly me as the claim holder who seems to have the idea how these solid mining assets need to be sold or developed in a start-up corporation.

*If you have caught on that this affordable housing dream based on a rock solid asset named Nepheline Syenite, something most people have never heard of, excepting for confusing a non-toxic PH neutral “Syenite” with “Cyanide” a deadly poison previously used in the extraction of gold an in a deadly cyanogen used by dictators in wars against humanity.

What a happy event it would be in a balance between light and evil darkness, that this neutral Swiss Army knife material, could be a real force in the habit for humanity project where the "accidental homeless" that have not been lost to hard drugs in their misery, could recover their dignity by going into the business of building their own homes to develop an industry they would be a part owner instead of a part time worker totally outside the benefits package and affordable commute nightmare if it takes a single mother to work two, or even three part time jobs that do not add up to meeting the credit checked standards of meeting the first and last months payments on a apartment she really cannot afford, but desperately needs so her homeless children can enroll in school.

Product, Product, Product

Now we come to the fun part of thinking past a competitive AAC, or Autoclaved Aerated Concrete, produced in a factory where steam is use to produce a lightweight low rise housing wall slab that can be sawn, drilled, routed, in a fast moving assembly line fashion.

Apparently a good high-end market judging from the number of "concrete sawing" businesses already established from Alaska to California, where of course a Oregon FoamKrete plant would have a ECO advantage over the four East Coast AAC suppliers that substitute an alkaline ash byproduct of burning based coal. "Dangerous stuff", according to Leslie Stahl of 60 Minutes. Some protesters have published white papers suggesting dangerous levels of radon gas and radiation in basements.

The latest "good news" is the discovery of a quick curing of the absolutely essential 8% Alumina powder, plus a 60% Alkaline Aggregate for AAC, as presented by a number of university level research papers, available in the documentation PDF above, without pressure cooking when naturally mixed with what is pure PH Neutral Silicon sand SIO2 , a very favorable CLC (Cellular Lightweight Concrete) thing has happened for low cost housing in China, Pakistan, India, and Bangladeshi, Iran, and a World power Russia, which actually has a larger deposit of nepheline syenite than a predominate Norway.

Because of natural nano technology curing pozzolans in nepheline syenite, it is possible to mix cement and FoamKrete in small just-in-time batches to be pumped into simple forms on-site. In Shanghai, in a China that has demonstrated through just doing it such things as building railroad pylons to Tibet over an Alaskan type tundra, advanced Chinese concrete technology is being used to 3D print using their $250 per ton nepheline syenite into ten "boring butt ugly" houses per day for $5,000 each. And in the overpopulated delta lands of a sub-continent of India, the face annual monsoon flooding the fact that CLC is 80% Hydrogen bubbles, a simple family survival technique is to build a float-able boat house that also can be used on a protein rich fish farm.

So, because a mineral deposit is a bit too heavy to flip for multinational export to build nepheline syenite cottages for others, let's look at bit how an American "just do it" knowhow can use cottage industry ideas to develop an entrepreneur jobs income:

1) Quickest, simplest, would be retro fire "proofing" existing homes by a trowel applied, or backpack sprayed nepheline syenite stucco.

2) After gaining experience using a new found building material, offer insurance companies holding a lien on burned out mortgaged home sites in a burned-out village, a better, and quicker, replacement to maintain a family's home without a drastic rate increase.

3) Consider innovations in manufacturing something as a FoamKrete ice chest , that has a solar powered cooling lid / clean drinking water condenser. Something that could go far beyond the picnic level to alleviate starvation in the Tropics where 60% of fresh foods are wasted.

4) Although my position in FoamKrete is minimal, I could be talked into coming back to help Waldport develop a high floating Alsea River dory drift boat, perhaps with an inboard steam driven propulsion system to avoid prop entanglements of fishing lines.

5) And perhaps since a tourist family drawing Disney theme park Castle Wall, or Great Chinese Wall built one and a half miles across the spit at Waldport could take the brunt of a tsunami wave, saving the whole community that has already moved all of it's school's to higher ground.

6) I know I am just a big dreamer. But, with help... and an solid financial asset in support... sometimes we Oregon optimists actually can make affinity things happen, as:

— Find land that could be turned into a guaranteed retirement annuity for an owner concerned about being downsized and shuffled off to an generations segregated nursing home where he could enjoy interacting with pretend grandchildren, while their single parent mother was busy earning a living as a caregiver, or even through an local job that otherwise would have required an time wasting commute.

— Find the right piece of a Oregon scenic (or Marin County, California) view, and I would consider bringing Mac&Murray Multimedia independent publishers, writers, photo, video, and sound studios, into a work from home CO-OP community retreat center for www.USAtravelmagazines.com, and www.BannerBooks.com, that really needs some attention from others to survive big media vanity library monopoly's where authors are the last to be paid.

— As FoamKrete can be sprayed directly on inflatable dome like forms (as the Frank Lloyd Wright museum in Marin County California) I would expect such a creative architects, engineering, and land use artists CO-OP commune to be sculpted to reflect the curved lines of an Oregon landscape, even in fitting into a sensitive visually protected protected places as the Columbia River Gorge.

— And perhaps a chiseled granite like statue following the development of an arts colony would find another use for a stronger, lighter nepheline glass, which has been held back for having to much iron with a color only suitable in beer and wine bottles (which in Oregon are absolutely recycled again and again). What if it were legal to buy a personalized, reusable permitted growler that displayed a personal choice of an Oregon craft beer?

>> If Anyone Finds This Interesting To The Point Of Investing In Your Future

Then I personally would like to know through this hack attackable Internet who you really are, and what you might bring, at $25 per unit, to CO-OP effort to help solve an ECO Housing Crisis?

Send me a personal message, including your name and address, and phone number in the envelope provided concerning your interest in participating in a peoples paradigm shift concerning wealth of the earth management.

My daughter Bernadette, or "Scout", the hero in our family's book chronicling a Search For A Shadow pioneering exploration of the Pacific Crest Trail also has a contact address at FoamKrete, where she has been tasked with building a creative team marketing that is not afraid of reinventing the ordinary wall.

For questions about the Table Mountain Claims and nanotechnology chemistry you may call
Barry Murray personally at 541-992-6313,
or Mac&Murray Multimedia at 503-753-5868.

For questions concerning becoming a dealer/ or area FoamKrete distributor of do-it-yourself equipment rental with co-op advertising, then call on a user identified phone, xxx-xxx-xxxx. Bring enough contracts in and your name and phone number will be added to the CO-OP list.


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